About Us


iiiconic designs are for artists, and people that feel like they have something different to show the world.

We design in LA, our one and only home. We are deeply inspired by music (jazz, disco, piano, guitar, hip hop, and everything in between). Our community is built on a love for genre-blurring fashion, where everyone is always included and inspiring each other to be “in-the-moment”.


Our first eyewear collection launched in 2020. It’s design roots go back to 2018, when we were first inspired to create glasses that were truly unique. From the initial hand drawn sketches, we created 3D models of our first line of frames and started selecting the best manufacturers. With no room for compromise, we chose the highest quality acetate frame material and perfected our production line to produce glasses that feel smooth, properly weighted, and comfortable. Each pair of glasses has a one-of-a-kind feel and are produced in limited edition runs.